Easy Entity Auditing/Versioning

Below you can download the Hibernate-3.3 compatible Envers versions, as well as documentation and presentations.

For downloads of the Hibernate-Envers module, which is part of the Hibernate 3.5 release, please go to the Hibernate downloads page.

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1.2.2.GA releaseA Hibernate 3.3 compatible release of the Envers codebase.281 KBLGPLDownload
Downloads: 0
1.2.2.GA sourceSource code of Envers 1.2.1.GA283 KBLGPLDownload
Downloads: 0
PDF documentation for Envers 1.2.2Also availabe in html format on the main page.88 KBLGPLDownload
Downloads: 0
1.1.0.GA releaseWorks only with Hibernate KBLGPLDownload
Downloads: 887
1.1.0.GA release (for Hibernate 3.3.x)Works only with Hibernate 3.3.x.258 KBLGPLDownload
Downloads: 896
1.1.0.GA release - source code14 MBLGPLDownload
Downloads: 738
1.0.0.GA releaseFirst general availability release, works with Hiberate 3.2.x.186 KBLGPLDownload
Downloads: 1202
1.0.0.GA release (for Hibernate 3.3.0.CR1)First general availability release, works with Hibernate 3.3.0 CR1.186 KBLGPLDownload
Downloads: 572
1.0.0.GA release - source code13 MBLGPLDownload
Downloads: 716
Envers+Seam demo: a simple wiki application and bi-temporal versioning demoContains a deployable .ear and the source code. Works with JBoss AS 4.2. After starting the server and deploying the application and the datasource, go to http://localhost:8080/envers_seam_demo.14 MBLGPLDownload
Downloads: 1977
Console demo showing that versioning of basic properties and many-to-one relations worksTo run, type "java -jar envers-console-demo.jar". This will create a hsql database in your temp directory and enable you to add/modify/view history of two entities ('Person' and 'Address') The package contains Hibernate and hsqldb with all dependencies. You can also change the database used by changing the included persistence.xml file.5 MBLGPLDownload
Downloads: 1588
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Presentation of Envers on Devoxx 2008 in Antwerp4 MBDownload
Downloads: 770
Presentation of Envers on Herbstcampus 2008 in Nurnberg756 KBDownload
Downloads: 805
Presentation of Envers on JDD'08 in Krakow, PolandIn polish (po polsku)858 KBDownload
Downloads: 681
Presentation of Envers on JavaBin in Grimstad, Norway by Sten Aksel HeienIn norwegian1 MBDownload
Downloads: 164
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